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A Joyful Experience at TESOL UNCONFERENCE 2023 - Tan Tao University

I recently had the privilege of being a facilitator at TESOL UNCONFERENCE 2023 held at Tan Tao University, and the experience was nothing short of joyful. The conference theme, "Transforming English Education Together," resonated deeply with my passion for cultural sensitivity and global citizenship in language teaching.

The connections made with educators from around the world were truly enriching. Engaging in participant-led sessions allowed for diverse discussions, highlighting the collective effort needed to shape the future of English education.

Hosting a session on cultural sensitivity and global citizenship was a rewarding experience. The interactive format empowered educators to share insights, fostering a collaborative spirit essential for progress.

TESOL UNCONFERENCE 2023 was a celebration of shared passion and collaboration, reaffirming the transformative power of education. 

I look forward to incorporating these experiences into my future endeavors as an educator.

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