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[A Teacher Trainer] - A session of introducing a New English Coursebook - Tay Ninh Province

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

With a sense of achievement, we concluded the introductory session for the much-anticipated grade 8 English book, Explore English 8. The room was charged with enthusiasm as we unveiled the gateway to a world of knowledge and linguistic exploration.

As this educational odyssey begins, a fervent hope lingers – that the pages of Explore English 8 become a source of joy for every student. Moreover, the prospect of returning to my hometown for future training sessions amplifies this sentiment.

Here's to embracing the future, to nurturing learning, and to the potential of English language mastery with Explore English 8.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to every participant, educator, and contributor who made this milestone possible. Your dedication and passion light the way for future generations.
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