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[Plenary Speaker] - GRASP Training Center in Philippines

Updated: Aug 27, 2023


- Founder & Course Director of TESOL International Academy Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
- Talking Point: “Fostering learner autonomy through participatory research: Voices from the teacher trainers”

Andy Tri Nguyen, TESOL International Academy

Mr. Andy Tri Nguyen is currently an English Program Advisor at Saigon International School of Business, HCM University of Banking, Vietnam and also Founder and Course Director at TESOL International Academy (TIA). He completed his Master of Education in TESOL from Edith Cowan University, Australia.

He has been an English lecturer in different prestigious universities in Vietnam. Independent Researcher and Presenter at Scientific, Conference both Domestically and Internationally on domains related to Translation, English Language Teaching method, etc.; Scientific

Reviewer for Mextesol Journal (Scopus Q2), Computer Assisted Language Learning Electric Journal (Call - Ej) Scopus Q, Relia: Journal of Research and Innovation In Language, International Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Translation;

Plenary Speaker at International Cross-Cultural Exchange and Professional Development Thailand (ICEPD-Thailand) and The 2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Language, Technology and Scholarly Publication, GRASP TCI, Philippines.
His research interests cover intercultural communication, academic writing, and teaching professional development.

Further information


THEME: “Decolonizing Asian Education in the Age of Inclusivity and Sustainability”

- Conference Venue: SUNWAY INTERNATIONAL HOTEL HANOI (4 Star Hotel)
19 Phạm Đình Hổ, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội 100000 Hanoi City, Vietnam
December 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17, 2023

Nguồn: The GRASP Training Center, Inc. (Global Researchers Administrators Scholars and Professionals)

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